The brand new iPad and also the Tablet Market
With all the launch of the new iPad in the back view mirror, it is some time for the yearly iPad product sales hysteria. Because the launch of its in 2010, the iPad has dominated & identified the tablet market. iPad & Tablet sales are actually zooming over the past year, with annual development in excess of 250 %. Nevertheless, in Q4 2012, the iPad's market share fallen to 57% as compared to 29% for Android tablets. Despite this particular fall, complete sales figures for the iPad have observed remarkable growth, which stresses the astonishing development of the tablet industry.

Today, like the launch of any main Apple product, the iPad is going to see a spurt in sales & market share this quarter. But what'll the iPad's market place are like in this particular market in the long term? To know this, we have to learn the primary market and item segments in the market. Industry segments typically evolve in time and also have a bigger effect as an industry develops. We've viewed the beginnings of this particular type of segmentation beginning to develop, with the launch of things such as Asus Transformer Prime and additionally the Kindle Fire. Let us have a glimpse at these segments and exactly how they will affect the iPad, in addition to the industry in particular.

  1. Media Tablet Segment - A press tablet may be referred to as a generic term for just about any touchscreen only tablet. Naturally, this particular segment was developed by Apple, with the launch of the iPad. This particular segment presently accounts for the lion's share of the tablet business along with the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, this particular segment is now much more competitive. Since buyers of mass media tablets are predominantly typical home users, the use patterns are skewed mainly towards browsing as well as media usage. For these owners, the main factors affecting their buying decision comes down to manufacturer, pricing & a huge program base. This's the main reason the Kindle Fire has managed to be very effective in such a quick span of time. Based upon the audience because of this item sector, the screen size as well as the cost of the bulk of things will be at the lower end of the market (7+ in & $200 $400). This segment is going to start for getting much more competitive later this year, with Google ready to release an Asus manufactured, quad core, Nexus tablet at $200 and Amazon ready to release the enhanced Kindle Fire.
  2. Hybrid Tablet Segment - A hybrid car tablet is basically a high-end tablet, with the extra Performance of an attachable keyboard dock & trackpad. The form factor is akin to an ultrabook and it's also mouse-compatible. This segment was developed by Asus, with the first Asus Transformer and has gained popularity with the launch of the Asus Transformer Prime. Today, some other PC/Tablet producers have taken notice of this particular segment and also have begun launching products that are comparable. Typing long emails/documents is definitely a nightmare on touchscreen only devices and Hybrid tablets came to prominence as being a solution. Additionally, it's much more comfortable to use & have, as than a tablet with a connected or maybe bluetooth keyboard accessory. In terms of use patterns, hybrid tablets might be utilized for high end gaming or productivity, apart from press tablet applications. Dependent on these use patterns, the target group for hybrid tablets is primarily high end house users/power computer users and in the very long run, business users. For these customers, the main factors affecting their purchasing decision are probably processing power, a computer keyboard dock, particularly long battery life & a big, high end application base. Based upon this particular target audience, the screen size as well as the cost of the bulk of things will be at the bigger end of the market (10+ in & $400 $600).

Just how does this influence the iPad? - The brand new iPad as well as the iPad two are still essentially high end, high priced ($400+) media capsules, without the extra performance of a hybrid car tablet. As these segmentation trends begin to make their mark over the following season or 2, the iPad is found between these 2 worlds. Apple can handle this issue by introducing a smaller, low priced iPad (much to the dismay of the late Steve Jobs) and by introducing an iPad with a dockable computer keyboard. Introducing a smaller, more affordable iPad will create Apple compete on far reduced margins, risking their industry leading operating profit margin. While, introducing an iPad and have a tablet dock would unquestionably cannibalize product sales of the Macbook Air, that is a considerably high value item for Apple. Both techniques have the pitfalls of theirs, though they are going to be required if Apple expects to still be a significant player in this particular market.

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